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    "I only know 1/3 of your love life!"


     - Example 15 from “Strange Things Your Friends Say to You When You’re Polyamorous”

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    1st Polyamorous Union Certificate in the World!

    On January 13th of 2012, the triad Anita Barbosa, Naldo Costa and Suh Lee (picture), brazilians, gave a step forward to get their poly relationship legally recognized.

    "For the first time in history we got a document with a state seal/stamp (which means it’s suitable for legal purposes) declaring as legal a polyamorous relationship. 

    It means that the State accept them as a poly family and acknowledges them rights according to the possibilities of our legal system. 

    It’s like a stable union or homoafective union. It’s a situation that comes along with the simple existence in the world of facts. When they go to the court house they just declare that they exist in a way or another and that they would like to receive legal treatment “on this way or that way.”

    I can’t say it was recognized because only the judiciary has the power to recognize the juridical existence of something. The notary public doesn’t. But it means that the State accepts them to be declared as a triad. 

    It makes difference because the certificate is a public document, so when claiming some rights it will be a pro for the triad.”

    Says Junior Batista, a lawyer who fights for the legal recognition of Polyamorous relationships in Brazil. 

    I must say I’m proud! 

    Congratulations Brazil!

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Thanks for another great submission!

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    Thanks for another great submission!

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    Finding one or the other to date and have a mutual relationship with sure is tough. It’s not like women/couples are lining up for some new experiences. Regardless, I still have high hopes in finding some/someones who want to share in our happiness. If it’s a girlfriend, she will be loved twice as much because she will have two people. A nice triangle of love and joy. If a couple could be together, thats 4 times the love. Scared during a movie? Have your gf/bf hold you OR have both your bfs and gf cuddle. Or any combination there of. If everyone in the relationship was bisexual…. holy freakin GAWD thats a lot of love to share between each other. Of course thats not the way it HAS to be. One person in the relationship can be bisexual, or two, or three, or none. The point of being a couple together is the same as any other type of relationship; love, be there for one another, compromise when necessary, and enjoy one another physically/emotionally. That is what my gf and I are looking for and someday we will have it! It’s not a matter of if, it’s simply a matter of when!  

    THIS! <3

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